Villa La PAWS first ever
Doggie Olympics!

Date:  September 22nd, 2012
Time:  Olympics start at 1pm
Check-in: starts at 12:30pm

You may sign up for multiple events.  Pre- registration is necessary!!!  
Register before September 10th and it’s free.  Entries after September 10th are $5 per event.  
Limited entries in each event, so make sure you sign up early!





Doggie Olympics:  Rules to Play

  • Drop on Mark: 3 cones are placed on the field approximately 20 feet apart (in a straight line).   Dog is placed at 1 of the outside cones and is prompted to recall to the handler who is standing at the other outside cone.  The handler will then prompt the dog to “down” on recall.  The dog that downs closest to the cone WITHOUT GOING OVER the plane of the cone wins.   You may prompt the dog multiple times if necessary.  Once the dog is in the down position, they will be measured from the paw closest to the cone.  The dog must stay until it is called.  If the dog breaks its stay 1 position reset is allowed, the second is an automatic elimination.

  • Directed Retrieve: 25 balls will be placed in the center of the floor.    Handler will prompt the dog to go get the ball and bring it back over the line.  The dog must retrieve and return with the ball over the line for it to count.  Handler may not cross the line to pick up any balls.  The team has 60 seconds to retrieve as many balls as possible. Most retrieved balls wins.

  • Speed Toss and Fetch: Handler tosses a ball for the dog to fetch and bring back.  Handler must stay behind the handler line to toss the ball.  The ball must be tossed past an imaginary line, which is approximately 20 feet’ from the handler line.  Dog must bring the ball back over the handler line for it to count.   Handler cannot cross handler line to retrieve the ball.   Most retrieves over the line wins.

  • Fastest Weaves: We have 2 challenges 1 with guides and 1 without. 
    2 lanes/ no guides: Start/finish line, 6 weaves into a curved tunnel then back through 6 weaves, across start/ finish line.  The dog must complete all 6 weaves without a mistake and go thru the tunnel for the time to count.  You may restart the weaves and tunnel on a mistake.  You may not touch the dog or equipment to restart the weaves or to direct through the tunnel.  If your dog crosses over into the other lane it is an automatic elimination.  Dog who crosses the line first advances into the next round.
    1 lane/guided weave: Weaves will have the guide wires on and will be timed with a stop  watch.  Same course as non- guided weave challenge: Start/finish 6 weaves, into a tunnel, 6 weaves, across start/finish.  Fastest time wins.

  • High Jump: Agility jump is used to measure height.  Dog must jump clean without knocking the bar off for the height to count.  The height will be increased in 2” increments.  Highest jump wins.

  • Finish to Heel Position: This event is judged on style and how they get into heel position.  There are 2 ways in which your dog can get into heel position: around into heel or flip into heel.  There will be 3 judges and their scores will be averaged.